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1 All American Property Management has been specializing in student housing for over 14 years.

Whatever your living needs are we have it, from 1 bedroom apartments to 8 bedroom houses. Vacancies are going quickly. We are located in Frostburg.

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1 All American Property Management Fee Llist

  1. Returned check fee: Bank fees and a $25.00 Administration processing charge.
  2. *Lockout fee: $5.00 during regular business hours, $50.00 for after hours, weekends and holidays.
  3. *Lost or not returned key: $75.00 for each lock that needs changed. Keys must be returned within 24 hours of move out or by midnight of the day the Lease expires. Failure to return the keys in the 24 hour period will result in charges for changing the locks. A lost key will require changing the bedroom and all entry locks and a key not returned upon moving out will require changing all locks.
  4. *Locks: Any tampering with locks by anyone other than 1AAPM is grounds for eviction and the tenant bears the cost of replacing or repairing all locks.
  5. Emergency call: No charge if not Tenant or guest related, if determined destruction of property accidental or otherwise, by Tenant or any other person, then the charge is $25.00 per hour during regular business hours and $50.00 per hour any other time (One hour minimum). Plus cost of material and any cost from non 1AAPM repair professional.
  6. Service Charge: $25.00 per hour during regular business hours, after hour’s and holidays $50.00 per hour. One hour minimum anything over a hour will be charge by the half hour.
  7. Late payment fee for rent: 5% after 5day grace period. This includes utility deposits and prepaid amounts due. Also a service charge will be due for each Default letter issued for nonpayment of money due.
  8. Utilities: Tenants are responsible for paying all utility bills, charges and invoices, including during school breaks.
  9. Smoke Detector: $75.00 charge per smoke detector that is disabled vandalized or removed.
  10. Fire extinguisher: $90.00 charge per extinguisher that is removed vandalized or discharge.
  11. Cleaning and damages after move out:  will be determined by a cleaning company or 1AAPM, is usually $50. per room. Wall painting is usually $50. per wall. If needed, this charge will come out of your security deposit.
  12. Cleaning and damages during lease period: If needed (to be determined by landlord) charges will be determined by a cleaning company or 1AAPM. All charges will be due within 5 days of completion of work.
  13. Yard trash clean up: $50.00 per occurrence after notice (must be cleaned by 5:00pm day of notice given). This includes cigarette butts and bottle caps.
  14. Unpaid bills, charges and invoices: A charge of 5% of unpaid balance will be applied after 5 days and a charge of $10.00 a month after 30 days of unpaid balance. Also a service charge will be due for each Default letter issued for nonpayment of money due.
  15. Snow removal: Tenants are responsible for snow removal it is a city ordnance and City of Frostburg can Fine the Tenants for non compliance. Failure to removed snow within 24 hours then 1AAPM at its option will remove the snow from the sidewalks and steps only and charge $20.00 per person per occurrence and a additional $15.00 per person per occurrence if salt is required.
  16. Parking: a $10.00 fee will be charged to the associated Tenant for any automobile parking in the off street parking without the assigned parking permit being viewable. Your parking permit must be viewable from the front windshield. Guest must park on the street; any guest found parking in the off street parking will be towed without further notice or warning and at their own expense. Tenants who have a lost permit or damaged or not returned at end of lease will be charged $25.00.
  17. Repairs: Damages by nails, screws, pins and other materials used for hanging and attaching items to any surface will be charged $1.00 per hole or surface area damaged.
  18. Fines: Tenants are responsible for all fines issued by the city or Police for noncompliance of laws and ordnances during the lease period (trash and noise are the leading problems).
  19. Storage: $50.00 per month per student for storage of personal property (keys will not be issued, contact 1AAPM for removal or adding of additional items). This option is available only if 1AAPM has the property repairs done from previous occupancy or if current Tenants are renting for next school year.
  20. Summer Rental: Half semester rents per student for summer rental. This option is available only if 1AAPM has the property repairs done from previous occupancy or if current Tenants are renting for next school year.
  21. Setting the trash out: Tenants failure to set trash out by the curb at the appropriate time will be charged $25.00 per occurrence.
  22. No Smoking: Tenant or guest smoking anywhere inside the building is a violation of the Lease Agreement and Tenants will bear the cost of removing the odor from the property.

*All locks are specially keyed and only 1AAPM is allowed to remove or repair locks.

Tenant acknowledge this fee list is subject to change and or items added from time to time at the discretion of the Landlord and you the Tenant acknowledge this fee list is an attachment to and a part of the Lease Agreement dated ________________________, 20_____ as stated in the Lease Agreement.

_______________________________________     ________________________
Tenant                                                                         Date

________________________________________    _______________________
Tenant                                                                         Date

________________________________________    _______________________
Tenant                                                                         Date


1AAPM News

This year we will be building 1 bedroom apartments, furnished with energy efficient appliances; washer/dryer/ dishwashers, over the stove microwave. Grad students are also welcome and will find that we have something to fit your budget.

Newly Remodled

We have newly remodled apartments and houses, with new kitchens that include dish washer and over the stove microwaves.  All places come with washer & dryer.  Whatever your needs, whether furnished or unfurnished we have.

Semester Rentals

Our properties rent for either one or two semesters or if you like a years lease is also available.