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1 All American Property Management has been specializing in student housing for over 14 years.

Whatever your living needs are we have it, from 1 bedroom apartments to 8 bedroom houses. Vacancies are going quickly. We are located in Frostburg.

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1 All American Property Management Policy

This policy is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of management and is a part of your Lease Agreement.


Office Hours:
Sunday by appointment Only

Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am to 12:00pm
Saturday Closed
Closed on Holidays recognized by Federal Government
Closed on Passover, Days of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Day of Atonement, Feast of Trumpet, Feast of Tabernacle and Last Great Day (these dates will be sent by e-mail upon sighting of the new moon)

It is the policy of 1AAPM to use e-mail as the primary communication with the Tenant’s and Property Owners, this includes billing, receipts, copy of bills, notices and the exception is Security Deposit refund letters and any Court documents. Calls are answered during business hours, callers after hours should leave a message and we will return calls in the order received during business hours. We do not return calls unless a message is left describing the subject of the call. All messages are checked periodically if you have an emergency be sure to leave a message so 1AAPM can determine if it is a valid emergency and respond appropriately.

All Payments must be made by the due date, if mailed you should allow five days for U.S. Mail to deliver a Certified letter to insure we receive the payment on time any payment received after five calendar days from the due date will be charged 5% of what is due. See Fee List for any additional charges.

Personal checks are accepted as a courtesy, if any check is return to our bank for any reason you will be charged a $25.00 administration fee and any additional bank charges. If a check is returned all future payments must be made by cash or certified bank check or money order. All checks must be made out to 1AAPM.

Any complaints made to 1AAPM must be in writing, signed and dated. Complaints made to 1AAPM will be investigated in the order received and as time permits, 1AAPM will contact the person who complained with any follow-up questions and the determination after carefully evaluating the complaint. If the complaint is made by a Tenant against another Tenant, 1AAPM will determine how to settle any disagreements and both parties agree to accept and follow the decision and instructions of 1AAPM failure to do so can lead to eviction. Complaints made by a Tenant or Government agency or other Person can lead to a breach of the Lease Agreement and eviction can ensue.

If 1AAPM has to respond to a property or to Government Agency due to a violation or complaint of a violation 1AAPM will charge a service charge fee (see fee list). Any violations can and may be construed as a breach of the Lease Agreement.

Charges due date:
All charges, invoices, and bills other than those already stated in any Agreement are due within five days from charge date. See Fee List for late charges.

Property Unit

Common Areas:
All Tenants within a unit is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the common areas of that unit. All Tenants within a building are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the common areas inside and outside. Failure to do so will result in 1AAPM arranging the cleaning and maintenance and will charge all tenants in a unit or in the building which ever applies a fee (see fee list).

1AAPM will issue one parking permit per Tenant for those Tenants who own an automobile and is register in their name or a parents name (vehicle registration is required as proof) and will be using and parking in the off street parking. No guest or relative is allowed to park in the off street parking for any reason parking is very limited. Any automobile found parked, idling or standing in the off street parking is subject to be towed at Owner expense no exceptions. A fee (see fee list) will be charged to the Tenants associated with the violator. Parking permits are numbered and assigned with a registered vehicle.

All agreements shall be in writing. We do not make verbal agreements and no owner or management or personal representative shall make a verbal agreement. Any claims of a verbal agreement are void.

The Tenant is responsible to read and comply with the Lease Agreement, Addendums, Posted Rules, City of Frostburg, State, Federal, and Fire Marshal (Laws, Ordnances, Regulations, Codes, Zoning, and Policies). Failure to comply can lead to fines and eviction. All questions should be directed to the appropriate agency.

A separate list (Fee List) that is a part of the Lease Agreement contains 1AAPM fee policy

Snow Removal:
The Tenant is responsible to remove the snow from the sidewalks, steps and driveways. If the snow is not removed within 24 hours per the City of Frostburg Ordnance, 1AAPM will make arrangements to remove the snow from the sidewalks at a cost to the Tenants (see fee list). Due to the different schedules of Tenants and cars in and out, 1AAPM does not and will not remove snow from the driveways.

Personal Property:
Any personal property 1AAPM has supplied (appliances, furniture, ect….) is for Tenant use and is to be maintained in good repair by Tenants any item neglected (not maintained) or abused by Tenants will be repaired or replaced at Tenants cost. 1AAPM is not responsible for the damage or lose of Tenants personal property for any reasons. 1AAPM encourages all Tenants to obtain renters insurance at Tenants cost to protect from lose or damage of personal property.

Areas off limits:
No person, Tenant or otherwise is allowed on any roof area this includes any area that has material on the surface to repel rain and snow and any natural elements. Some examples are shingles, asphalt, half lap and rubber. Any person found on any part of the roof will be charged a $100.00 administration fee and any amount needed for repairs per incident. No person shall enter any area the Management has set aside for storage. Any person entering such area will be charged a $100.00 administration fee per incident and any amount needed for repairs or replacement of item missing.

All calls are answered in the order they are received. If you get the answering machine you must leave a message with your name, phone number, Property Street and house number, and the reason for calling. If you do not leave a message we will not return your call. If you have an emergency it is important you state the nature of the emergency in order for us to respond properly and in a timely manner. A couple of examples for an emergency are a busted water line or a fire. We do screen calls after hours but unless it is an emergency we will not call back until normal business hours.

It is the responsibility of the Tenant to notify 1AAPM of any repairs needed within 24 hours of discovery after 24 hours the Tenant may be responsible for the cost of damages. Once 1AAPM is notified, 1AAPM will determine the urgency of the repair needed and schedule a time for repair. Repair schedules are determined by urgency and in the order received. Any damages determined to be a result of Tenant directly or indirectly will be charge to the Tenant. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to maintain the proper operation of all plumbing, appliances, light bulbs, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, windows and all other items that are supplied to and are a part of the premises. All repairs by Tenant’s are to be done by a Maryland Licensed person in the particular field or by Owner (or 1AAPM if requested by Owner).

Trash and Removal:
It is the responsibility of the Tenants to keep all trash picked up in the yard and also in the house and to place the trash in a sealed trash bag, failure to do so can lead to a fine by the City of Frostburg and/or a clean up fee charged by 1AAPM (see fee list). The sealed trash must be placed in the appropriate designated area (the designated area will be posted at each property) until the assigned day for trash pickup by the City of Frostburg. The sealed trash must not be place on the curb before 8:00pm the night before the designated day (the designated day will be posted at each property) failure to place trash out at will result in a trash set out fee (see fee list). The City pickups trash twice a week (Monday and Thursday for West side of town, Tuesday and Friday for East side of town).

Repairs by Tenants:
All repairs made by Tenants must be done by a Maryland Licensed person in the particular field and must notify Management at least two days prior to the schedule repair for inspection and immediately when repairs are done for inspection.

Damage Charges:
Repairs on done by a licensed contractor.

Pest Control:
We professionally clean our properties and inspect them during the summer months for insects and rodents and if any are found we take care of them. If it becomes a problem after you move in, you are responsible for any cost for taking care of the problem.

We make inspection periodically some of those inspections may be without notice if we have reason to believe the Lease Agreement is being breached.

Cable and other Services:
No cable, Phone, DSL, Satellite or any other service shall be installed without prior written permission from the Owner. Any service installed without permission Tenant will be responsible for the cost of damages or improper installation. The Owner or his/her agent (1AAPM) is the only person to decide how the installation is to be done and must be notified first.

No smoking anywhere inside buildings. Sand buckets are placed on the exterior of the buildings and these are the only designated areas for smoking.

No interior furniture is allowed to be used or stored outside including porch, per City Ordnance. No item shall be attached too or on any part of the exterior of the dwelling (house, apartment, building …). Any trash in yard shall be removed on a daily basis, if trash remains after notice, trash may be removed by 1AAPM and Tenants will be charge for the cleanup. Also City ordnance requires occupants to keep trash picked up violation can result in fines (see City web page or contact City for City Ordnance).

Tenant acknowledge this 1AAPM Policy is subject to change and items may be added or removed from time to time at the discretion of 1AAPM and you the Tenant or Owner acknowledge this 1AAPM Policy is an attachment to and a part of the Lease Agreement or Contract dated __________________ ______, 20_____ as stated in the Lease Agreement.

________________________________________      _______________________
Tenant                                                                  Date

________________________________________      _______________________
Tenant                                                                  Date

________________________________________      _______________________
Tenant                                                                  Date

________________________________________      _______________________
Tenant                                                                  Date

________________________________________      _______________________
Tenant                                                                  Date


1AAPM News

This year we will be building 1 bedroom apartments, furnished with energy efficient appliances; washer/dryer/ dishwashers, over the stove microwave. Grad students are also welcome and will find that we have something to fit your budget.

Newly Remodled

We have newly remodled apartments and houses, with new kitchens that include dish washer and over the stove microwaves.  All places come with washer & dryer.  Whatever your needs, whether furnished or unfurnished we have.

Semester Rentals

Our properties rent for either one or two semesters or if you like a years lease is also available.